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Enagic® – Change Your Water, Change Your Life!™


Since 1974, Enagic® has been a leading innovator of pure water technology and has transformed the way we look at water and its role in a healthy, productive, and vibrant life. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Enagic® specializes in producing ionized alkaline water systems that transform ordinary tap water into healthy and hydrating alkaline Kangen Water® for a variety of important uses. Over 400,000 cutting-edge water ionizers have been sold to date in Japan alone, and Kangen Water® has become a household name in that country and beyond.

True Health

Now, Enagic® continues to advance its core philosophy of True Health in the commercial sector, helping thousands of small, medium, and enterprise businesses all across the globe with realizing a:


  • Truly healthy body
  • Truly healthy mind
  • Truly healthy financial situation

Enagic® believes that true success comes with growing and advancing in each of the three areas above. As a result, the company is dedicated to promoting the true health of its valued customers by offering innovative, breakthrough solutions for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and sanitization that cut costs and improve the overall quality of the workplace.

Enagic® invites all to explore the company and see how Enagic® leads the world in ionized alkaline water for commercial businesses – providing far more than highly-useful water. Contact Enagic® today to learn more about how the innovative approach to True Health works for any organization.

Enagic® – Change Your Water, Change Your Life!™